Sing Up Day 2019

Our Y5 and Y6 choir has once again taken part in the worldwide Sing Up project.  This year's song is 'One Moment, One People'.


Here is the worldwide Sing Up Day 2019 Digichoir. Can you spot our choir?

KS2 Percussion Group

This is our wonderful percussion and drum group, which meets every Wednesday until 4pm.  They have been meeting since September and would welcome new members to the group. The cost is £45 per term.  If you would like to start after half term, please let the office know and they will discuss terms and conditions.  The cost will be £22.50 until Easter.  Thank you, Mrs Houghton, KS2 Music.


Summer Concerts


Well done to all the children who took part in our summer concerts on Tues 26th and Wed 27th June. Thank you to our instrumental teachers: Mr Fogg - brass; Miss Blackstone - woodwind; Mrs Hadwin - percussion and lower choir; Mr Lappin - guitars; Mr Taylor - lower strings; Mr Naylor - upper strings.  Miss Bradley and Mr Lake have been looking after the upper choir while Mrs Houghton has been on secondment.

Years 5 and 6's Visit to The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall



Years 5 and 6 visited the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on 6th March to listen to and take part in 'Come To Your Senses'. In preparation, we had practised singing and signing along to a piece called 'The Witch'. 

Click on the photo to find out about our visit. 

Sing Up 2018 Digichoir

On 14th March 2018, our choir took part in the annual worldwide Sing Up Day.  We have been included in the Sing Up Digichoir video along with choirs from all over the world.  Can you spot us?

Sing Up Day


Our Y5 and Y6 choir have been learning 'Be The Change', this year's song for Sing Up Day 2018.